Art is almost always the result of a constraint: but it is possible to turn this into a resource for design, making it a source of inspiration.

Working with constraints can make us think outside the box, experiment and get more creative. In the urban environment there are often limitations to a project, forcing us to rethink the standard rules and norms, creating a new approach to design. The result is new spaces that create an element of surprise, changing our perspective of a place. In all our work, we see working with constraints and taking risks as an opportunity to invent a new approach.

Levelling with on-site polluted soil | Rennes : Prairies Saint Martin.

Design play with flooding levels | Nantes : Quais de l’île de Nantes.

Landscape patterns, disability access | Lyon : Jardin d’entrée historique – Blandan.


Rennes : St-Martin meadows

Nantes : Quais de l’île de Nantes

Lyon : Blandan park

Rhône : Vallée de la Chimie

Lyon : Place d’Armes et parvis Sardou

Le Perreux-sur-Marne : Plage & quais d’Artois

Montpellier : ZAC République

Lillebonne EANA : Parc de l’Abbaye du Valasse

Familistère de Guise : Jardin

Montpellier : Métropole & territoire