Rhône : Chemical Valley

Territorial study
Metropolitan positioning
Re naturalisation of river banks
Productive landscape
Valorisation of industrial sites

Client :
Le Grand Lyon

+ OMA architectes urbanistes

Surface area / 9400 ha
Studies / 2019-2023

The territorial project defines a framework which optimises competition between companies whilst developing a “neo-industrial” vision of a hybrid territory, oriented towards green chemistry.

The valley must provide the conditions for this reconfiguration: renewing a coexistence between functions and uses, offering other ways of doing things, adapting to diverse situations: agricultural plateaus, a string of inhabited towns, the hillsides and the valley floor (industrial platforms).

It is an evolving process that unfolds around 4 interdependent work axis. This involves establishing a territorial metabolism that transcends the values ​​of industrial metabolism; optimising industrial sites, which host new supplementary programs. Transnaturality with a landscape thought of as an evolving resource can contribute to the production of renewable energies or to soil treatment and regeneration processes. The project amplifies the transgressive nature of the region, aiming to exploit the existing landscape-deposits (hillsides; landslides, islands, lones, infrastructures, etc.) to turn them into resource-landscapes. It questions our collective relationship to risk and our ability to imagine new innovative programmatic strategies. The construction of an approach which modifies everyone’s reference frame helps to build a representation and imagination of the landscape. The use of pixel modeling makes it possible to propose a new evolving image of the territory. The interventions, organised by theme, are also categorised by precise time scales and feasibility.

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