Carrière-sous-Poissy : Alluvial park

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Urban renewal
Landscape corridors
Agricultural park
Alluvial park

Client :

+ TVK architectes urbanistes
+ MGAU architectes
+ SOREC programmistes

Carrières-sous-Poissy / Yvelines
Surface / 200 ha
Study / 2010

This urban and landscape project on the scale of the Chanteloup-les-Vignes loop aims to develop a new urban centre with a coherent evolution of landscape infrastructure scenarios.

The economic function of the park will be biomass production, which will guide the urban development of the territory. On the scale of Carrières-sous-Poissy, we propose to establish landscaped ‘antechambers,’ which help reconnect the city with the local river. By promoting inter-district connections through green cross-sections, the design develops a landscape leisure program focused on the Seine and its ecology. This includes:

  • wetland recreation
  • 2 hectare ecological swimming pool
  • quayside
  • mesophilic plains and meadows
  • expanded flood zone
  • urban beaches
  • inclusion in the policy of green and blue corridors
  • insertion of the A104
  • creation of major ecological zones

We are also proposing to create a large alluvial park (120ha) on the banks of the Seine, including gravel pits and several activities:

  • creation of fertile pockets of land
  • extension of existing parks
  • alluvial afforestation
  • interaction with new neighbourhoods
  • proposal of “alluvial” habitats
  • creation of a counter channel
  • development of a 9 km alluvial promenade.

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