Gironde : Jalles Park

Territorial study
Wood equipment
Tourist program
Landscape continuum
Identity creation
Urban agriculture
Agro-cultural park

Client :
Communauté urbaine de Bordeaux

BASE – Team representative
+ MORE architectes + CSD écologue + SYRPHYS expert agricole + Champalbert Expert

Jalles Park / Gironde
Budget / 144 000 €
Surface area / 4700 ha
Completion / 2014

This vast natural space owes its name to the many marshlands and small local rivers which cross it. Water is omnipresent here: marshes, gravel pits, ponds, lagoons, wetland forests … Vegetable gardens, family gardens and some extensive cattle rearing create an agricultural landscape in this urban region.

The objective is to identify a perimeter, creating gateways to the park, a coherent set of themed projects called “houses” and a scheme of walking trails open to the public.

Amongst the multiple issues at stake, our aspiration is make the park more attractive by promoting a sense of discovery in the park and enhancing the heritage. Taking advantage of the constraints, we need to make the gates at the park entrance more legible, identifiable and accessible. Ensuring the preservation of the green and blue networks is vital to support existing nearby projects so that they can participate in the composition of the park. The aim is to keep innovating whilst also harmonising the current projects, making them consistent, finding synergy and an ecological coherence. Finally, in parallel with the landscape project, we have prioritised a campaign for cultural appropriation and identity in the area.

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