Perpignan : Banks of the Têt

Flood zone
Gren and blue networks
Tourist program
Urban nature
Appropriation of the river banks

Client :
Perpignan méditerranée

BASE (Team representative)

Budget / 19 M€
Surface area / 22 km
Completion / 2020

 A new dynamic has been established, resurrecting the site in the public imagination; it has become an unsuspected treasure in daily life.

We have ignored rivers for too long; the Têt in particular. Today, from outside the urban area, the presence of the Têt can sometimes only be detected by the surrounding riparian woodland. It has been physically forgotten. For a long time, the torrential flow of the Tet has created a significant physical distance. Today our ambition is to uncover the river, making it the unifying element of a project. The key aim here is to encourage people to approach the river, invite them to see, touch and play. To change the public’s perception of it whilst still preserving the ecological heritage.

A continuous network of soft transport is designed along the banks of the Têt allowing collective appropriation of the river. The project re enforces the economic dynamic of the area, strengthening its identity, promoting it as a regional and touristic destination. Our approach involves working with, revealing and highlighting the existing elements. It’s about creating links with the surrounding territory, incorporating nuggets of programme in a network connected with soft modes of transport which enhance the global development of the Têt.

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