Nantes : Framwork agreement: Erdre Porterie Development Area

Urban and operational project management
Concerted development area (ZAC)
Urban coordination
Public spaces

Nantes Métropole Aménagement


Nantes / Loire-Atlantique
Budget (public space) / 7 M€
Surface area / 57 ha
Framework agreement / 6 years
+ 2 year renewal period
Date / 2017-2021

As part of a multi site urban development project, more than 2500 housing units are projected to be built by 2022 on this 57 ha site overhanging the Erdre Valley.

Our team (BASE acting as the team representative) was asked to produce a guide plan and coordinate the urban development for this site, from the production of feasibility studies to coordinating between project management teams and developing draft plans for 1600 housing units on 4 sectors: Verger du Launay, Bêle Champ de Tir Nord, Bourg Nord and Conardière.

On the one hand, it is a case of establishing unity, paying attention to the existing site, highlighting the geographical and existing elements on site. On the other hand, it is about anchoring each element in place, creating a place where life happens in the open air, in shared collective spaces. To achieve this, we prioritised the development of innovative housing typologies within the project zone.

Finally, our team is responsible for the development of the major public spaces which will strengthen the existing framework of public spaces. The development of the Place des Tonneliers near the church in the town center will help renew the commercial spaces of Saint-Joseph-de-Porterie. The Bois du Hue park and the Verger du Launay square will be developed as local neighbourhood public spaces.

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