Reconversion of the old site of the Hôtel de la Région Rhône-Alpes

Pre-operational study
Master plan
Sustainable neighbourhood
Modern gardening
Sports & leisure

Client :
Région Rhône Alpes
Grand Lyon

BASE + Brémond (promotion)
+ François Leclercq + CVA
+ Tectoniques + ITF

Charbonnières les Bains / Rhône
Surface area / 10 ha
Study / 2013

The former headquarters of the Rhône-Alpes Region is both an emblematic site for the town of Charbonnières-Les-Bains and a structuring site for the Lyon metropolitan area.

The site is seen and enjoyed daily by the 15,000 vehicles that use the old RN7 road and the 4,500 Charbonnois people who regularly visit the site.

There are many ideas for the future of such a site: it is the dream of motorists, of passers-by, walkers or local residents. The aim of the project is to open up the site, take into account the existing elements of the site, to reveal all of its qualities, to restore fertility whilst not forgetting its history.

This 10 hectare site will accommodate several urbanisation projects, therefore it requires a sensitive, ambitious and realistic multidisciplinary approach, beyond the issues raised by the public authority.

There are multiple objectives for the redevelopment of this site:

To integrate the municipal territory

To provide a mix of housing and economic activity

To be an exemplar site in terms of sustainable development and environmental quality.

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