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Le Bourget – Dugny/ Seine Saint Denis

Budget : 60 M€
surface area / 20 ha
Study ongoing / 2019

The project site has been designated to host the media cluster in 2024 – the journalists will live and work in Dugny, the shooting competitions will take place in La Courneuve and the volleyball games will happen in Le Bourget.

The Olympic and Paralympic Games of Paris 2024 give us the chance to develop remarkable projects, rooted in a place that showcase the goals of the International Olympic Committee.

Our collaborative design team has been working on defining both temporary and long-term installations in the cluster. The project’s defining framework is based on different time scales and management throughout the seasons. This allows the region and the local community to make the most of the event and enjoy the facilities long after the games are over.

The project involves developing a landscape framework (PLUS) which helps connect scattered green spaces and neighbourhoods with pathways in a leisure and sport park. The volleyball arena that is to be built in Le Bourget for the Games is just one of the sports facilities open to everyone; athletes and locals alike. In its “heritage” phase, once the Games are over, the space will turn into a park combining sports structures (sports fields, training areas, skate park, playground…) with permeable and densely vegetated areas. The park will act as a breath of fresh air in amongst the dense urban environment. The project will be implemented in different phases, planned to minimise the constraint on the park’s uses and to allow as as much reuse of facilities as possible.

credit : TVK

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