Villefranche : Ile Porte

Definition study
Urban project management
Strategic development project
Regional landscape
Concerted development area (ZAC)
Tourist positioning

Client :

+ Sud Architectes
+ Sotrec

Surface area / 84 ha
Studies / ongoing

This study aims to prepare the site for future mixed urbanisation (residential offer, reception of various businesses, tourist hub, based on the Beaujolais identity) It also defines the development of a future concerted development area (ZAC)

The site has been the subject of a development program guide within the framework of the objectives set out by the PLU, (Local urbanism guide) which was revised in 2013. Ile Porte is an urban area which is emblematic of contemporary metropolitan issues today: it is a space ‘in between,’ no longer truly a rural place but not yet urban. It has many connections (motorway, railway, departmental roads) which cross it and guide the land use.

The site is a territory of ‘confrontation’ with mixed scales of flow. The aim of the study is to establish the conditions needed for a dynamic living landscape, supporting contemporary activity and promoting economic development, leisure and ecology.

The Ile Porte project is part of a landscape study which seeks to reveal the full potential of the site in order to identify scenarios conducive to progressive and respectful urbanisation. Indeed, the study offers an opportunity to reveal the landscape and its sensitive nature (there are many protected wetlands and a move to rehabilitate a gravel pit creating a future ornithological area …) creating strong axes for future urbanisation.

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