Sophia Antipolis : Planning and development

Development strategy
Territorial marketing
Forest landscape

Client :

BASE + TVK architectes-urbanistes + ACADIE + Blue Holding + INGETEC + SEGAT

Sophia Antipolis / Alpes Maritimes
Surface / 2360 ha
Date / 2012
Prospective landscape study

Whilst landscape qualities can be one of the main attractive assets of a site (like in the silicon valley) this technopolis in the south of France in fact suffers from isolation due to its landscape which is very turbulent, with its chain of valleys and hills.

In addition, it lacks efficient public transport. Today, the technology park must therefore develop new strategies to improve communication between companies and promote soft modes of travel. Fostering outdoor life means staging and connecting the many existing green spaces, encouraging social interaction through the reorganisation of large squares suitable for events, so that Sophia Antipolis once again can become a place to incubate ideas and innovate.

The guide plan focuses on reorganising the territorial landscape spatially and programming certain identified open spaces which connect across the ‘micro valleys.’ These micro valleys, or “innovative arcs”, cross the different sectors of the technopole and can therefore become the common meeting and leisure place for researchers, employees, students, or residents. The different possible connections according to the complex topographies of the area were studied and landmarks were highlighted in order to increase the standard of living in the area.

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