China : Guilin

River tourism project
Territorial scenography
Village restructuring
Flood management
Recreational program
River park

Client :
China SS100

BASE + Reichen et Robert

Guilin / China
Budget / 269 M€
Surface / 1050ha
Date / 2010

This ecological river park features over 1,000 hectares of grandiose karst landscapes that are sensitive to flooding. It is intended to welcome 16 million visitors per year

The project is programmed around the turbulence of the river (with shows and leisure activities), popular culture (festivals and events) and the ecology of the site (arts and sports).

Visitors are offered a sensory initiation journey to discover the different states of the water in the Lijian River by exploring 12 sites divided into 9 city-parks:

  • the delta city: a natural aquatic park made up of micro-valleys which regulate flooding, with an elevated urbanised area at the foot of the karsts
  • the motion park: a natural sports park (around the karsts)
  • the natural park: a quayside park featuring a promenade on the edge of the hill, solariums and floating gardens
  • the alluvial city: rice fields planted in strips, echoing the nature of the soils
  • the summit park: a nature park for hikers connecting 8 summits with panoramic follies linked by vertiginous footbridges
  • the lakeside town: an island populated by “plant pagodas”, luxurious floating ecological habitats which are organised according to a root system
  • the exposed city: a city on two levels, visible from the only infrastructure crossing the territory
  • the land art park: a large open-air natural museum
  • the cliff town: a village with traditional dwellings built on the slopes of the site and interspersed with vegetation ‘falling’ down the slopes, connecting the ‘micro-valleys’ with the banks of the river.

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