Lyon : Place d’Armes and Sardou Parvis

Public space
Project management
Heritage project
Military heritage
Shared space
Ecological management
Urban plaza

Client :
Le Grand Lyon

BASE – Team representative
+ OGI + ON + CSD + Vrignaud

Lyon / Rhône
Budget / 4.7M€
(not including playground)
Surface area / 29 550m²
Part 1 completion / 2013
Part 2 completion / 2019

The Grand Lyon gave us the task to restore a vast plaza of more than 4 hectares, located in between two forecourts, in the axis of ancient defense remparts.

The square was designed as a vast, open and versatile space to walk around or to host any kind of event or activity. It is a place of military history, where ancient parades and garrisons took place. The square is a theatre for all kinds of spontaneous activities and public events all year round and the unique playground  is now an urban landmark in Lyon.

Zelkova trees were planted in order to guarantee the renewal of the existing vegetation, and specially designed furniture, lighting and signage was developed. A sensitive topographical design creates a gentle slope and difference in levels, helping with water management on site. The walls are used as seating or can also be perceived as a series of urban scenes. The different kinds of floor coatings (stabilized soil, poured concrete) create flow through the site.

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