Montpellier : Metropolis & territory

Large territorial study
Landscape economy
Resilient territory

Client :
Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole

BASE + François Leclercq
+ Une fabrique de la ville
+ Franck Boutté Consultants
+ Katalyse + Roland Ribi et Associés + Ingerop
+ La condition urbaine

Budget / 650 000€
Scope / 434 km²
13 month study / ongoing

This involves, among other things, presenting a metropolitan vision inspired by the landscape: the landscape could be seen as both a raw material and the underlying structure of the metropolis in the making. The whole project will be part of a shift in natural spaces: from a sanctuary to dynamic space.

The luxury of the future will be having wild nature on your doorstep in the city. Unique ways of life can be found in these areas where places of life, work and leisure are linked to activities in the wider territory. The project could help link the agricultural landscape and the city but also connect the farmer and the user. “Relay” spaces could spatialise this system and agriculture could become the laboratory for social cohesion.

There are many issues at stake here: making the metropolis of Montpellier involves raising awareness of the issues related to living in an at risk territory: a resilient metropolis depends on adaptation to bioclimatic changes. It is also about creating an aesthetic, a way of life and a lever for the tourist and agricultural economy whilst enriching the existing structures and belvederes. Finally, it is a question of ‘“urbanising where there is opportunity” with a minimum framework, overlapping the Macro and Micro landscapes.

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