Lillebonne EANA : Valasse Abbey Park

Tourist park
Sustainable development
Architectural heritage
Themed gardens
Educational gardens

Client :
Syndicat Mixte du Valasse

BASE – Team representative
+ OGI BET + Nicolas Vrignaud scénographe + Alisea écologue

Lillebonne / Seine-Maritime
Budget / 2,5 M€
Surface / 30 ha
Completed / 2008

Located near Rouen in the city of Lillebonne in Normandy, the Valasse Abbey dates back to the 12th century.

It underwent several restorations, the last one in the 18th century. The historical site has 30 ha of gardens and sits in the Bolbec Valley. The park is the finishing touch to the restoration of the site. It facilitates the abbey’s interaction with the new buildings. EANA the “land of possibilities” is a polymorphic tourist programme: a leisure park, a garden exploring the history of the universe and that of the Cistercian monks, outdoor events on sustainable development, a conference center…

The project interprets the monks’ relationship with their environment; themed gardens (..the elemental garden, the mist garden, the textile garden) provide an introduction to the landscape and its natural elements. This project also included the restoration of the immediate surroundings of the abbey which involved highlighting the archeological elements on site. Ecological restoration of the river was also undertaken, with a new planting strategy for the banks.

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