NANTES : The embankments of the île de Nantes

Riverbanks and coastline
Urban boulevard
Soft transport links
Urban environment
Circulation management

Client :

BASE  (Team representative)
+ SAFEGE + Transitec
+ Champalbert Expertises
+ Le Bruit du Frigo

Budget / 8,7 M€
Distance / 1 km
Completion / 2018

The development of the Loire banks is one of the major components of the urban development project on the ile de Nantes.

In the first sequence towards the west (Rhuys and Hoche embankments) existing elements are highlighted (paving, site typologies, alignments of plane trees..) Activities and local culture which have gradually settled on these shores are enhanced. The area towards the East, after the Audibert bridge is an inventive space, open to new uses. A ‘guingette’ embellishes the natural, fluvial river banks.

The overall aim for the roads connecting to the site is to calm traffic. An elevated plateau at these junctions highlights these connections. On the embankments, the principal objective is to connect soft modes of transport along the river and to reestablish connections where the road infrastructure has created a break in continuity. All the original gradients are conserved but the pathways are designed to allow easy access for everyone.

Metallic grating at the edge of the river allows pedestrians to access the river bed, creating continuity when the the bottom of the embankment is not submerged. People can sit on a set of steps to contemplate the river and on the naturally higher areas, we create a balcony over the Loire. This is a place to breathe.

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