Parisis – Pierrelaye : RD 14 Economic Territories

Green network
Territorial study
Economic landscape
Economic corridor
Inter-municipal development
High Quality Versatility Park

Client :

+ François Leclercq urbanistes + Sophie Simonet consultante commerce + AEU écologue
+ RiO

Parisis – Pierrelaye / Val d’Oise
Surface / 150 ha
Completed/ 2011

The site is located at the interface with the river valleys of the Seine and the Oise with the forests of Montmorency, Isle Adam, Parisis, and Saint-Germain-en-Laye on the other side of the river Seine.

The restructuring of the site therefore becomes coherent through the articulation of these large, very identifiable landscape entities. We therefore understand the role of the Pierrelaye forest not as a nature reserve but rather as a star-shaped woodland made up of connecting arms which weave links between these entities. In order to enhance the forest landscape these connections cross the commercial axis of the RD 14 at several strategic points.

The landscape identity of the territory is strongly marked by the topography of emergent hills, visible more or less in their entirety, and offering belvederes or a horizon in relief on the mostly flat plain. Integrating these elements in a network could constitute the backbone of the park (in a string, a connection in series). Creating new hills reinforces this identity and also responds to the on site decontamination strategy.

The outlet corridors on the departmental road represent windows and doors to the forest, a special access point to the forest to highlight and showcase. These transverse parks interrupt the linearity of the buildings. We can imagine that new developments will be oriented differently according to the points of contact with these corridors: positioning themselves parallel to the corridor so as not to obstruct it and developing more facades on the forest edges.

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