Michelin : Campus & Place des Carmes

Public square
River banks
Parvis – Headquarters
Industrial landscape

Client :
Groupe Michelin

+ Construire
+ Encore Heureux

Clermont-Ferrand / Auvergne
Square / campus : 10 M€ / 13 M€
Surface / 2,5 ha / 15 ha
Completed / 2019

The Carmes site in Clermont Ferrand, which saw the birth of the Michelin enterprise in 1889, occupies 15 hectares of the town centre today, with offices as well as industrial activity taking place here.

Michelin is the only enterprise of the CAC 40 to have maintained its head offices in province. Today it is about opening up the site onto the town, creating a dialogue between the public space and the campus, and reconsidering the site according to the way we work today. The new Michelin campus is organised around the path of the Tiretaine river (the bed is enlarged and reconfigured) with a new system of circulation and meeting places for the 3000 employees and the many visitors to the site. A new landscape made up of clumps of woodland and clearings helps complete the transformation from industrial site into campus.

In parallel with the work on the campus, Michelin and the town are working together to entirely rethink the Carmes square, which covers 2.5 hectares, today occupied principally by two road exits and a square. Cut off by a viaduct, relatively large for a simple parvis and too small for a park, the transformation of the square must respond to spatial, technical, economic and political factors. A unique opportunity for the town and for Michelin, the conception of the square is submitted to critique by the company as well as the town and is the subject of passionate discussion. A work on scenarios, dialogues and multiple propositions aims to define a contemporary program and a unique layout which puts into value all the stakeholders.

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