LA VERRIÈRE BOIS DE L’ÉTANG : Development of the pedestrian network

Play area / Opening up a neighbourhood
Pedestrian walkway
Public space
Place for women

Ville de La Verrière

BASE – Team representative + ATEVE

Yvelines / Île-de-France
Budget / 1,3 M€
Surface / 12 000 m2
Study / 2015
Completed / 2018

The southern links make up the start of the pedestrian alley that connects up to the nearby woodland.

In several ways this area is in a strategic location:

– It is the main access point to the étang des Noës from the neighbourhood.

Direct and explicit access must be maintained in this area whilst we must also prefigure the richness of the étang woodland.

-It is a node for circulation (pedestrians, vehicles) functions (mosque, car park) and diverse uses. considered in order to create a mixed and intergenerational project, which makes a comfortable urban space and brings value to the area.

This is an isolated urban area, with a tight knit community and an overrepresentation of men in the public space, to which it is difficult to respond. A play area can provide a unique opportunity to balance out these issues.

The playful and childlike dimension of sport can be a powerful urban development strategy, because it can instantly change the  image of a site and the way the local residents see their own neighbourhood. Sports areas area enriched by many ‘micro places;’ meeting spaces, with different appropriations and postures that anyone can profit from at any moment in the day.

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