Lyon : The Rampart Wave

Project management
Urban square
Art of play
Leisure equipment
Play for children
Wood construction

Client :
Le Grand Lyon

BASE (Team representative)
+ OGI + Récréation Urbaine

Lyon / Rhône
Budget playground / 1,1M€
Budget sports area / 1,5 M€
Completion / 2013

A beast of a playground never seen before, awakening the curiosity and desire of families and kids.

This playground can literally open up a neighbourhood, becoming the envy of families and children in the wider area. The exclusive, unique and improbable character of this public installation can inspire a sense of pride amongst the local residents; it cannot be found elsewhere.

The wave

The rampart wave, which is inspired by a historical attack on the Blandan site fortifications in the 19th century, is found in front of a crumbled wall, in front of the new place d’Armes Since the day of opening it has literally been attacked by hysterical children aged 4-12 years, triggering a collective excitement amongst children and families. With a surface of over 1000m2, 50m long and 7m high, it will never be too small for the little compact and stirred up mob of kids.

We must move away from designing exclusive and prescribed sport activities which discourage families, children, older people and amateurs – all of us – from practising sport. Amongst several design strategies to engage a neighbourhood: sport facilities with a playful and childlike dimension can be a powerful tool in urban development. It can immediately transform the image of the neighbourhood and the way local inhabitants see and engage in their own neighbourhood.

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