PORTE DES ALPES : University campus

Pre operational study
Urban project management
University campus
Strategic development project

Client :
Université de Lyon

+ Ville Ouverte programmation
+ Franck Boutté Consultants
+ Merlin ingénierie
+ BM Forgue

Bron + Saint Priest / Rhône
Surface / 30 ha
Study / 2015-2016

In 1972, René Dottelonde designed a university based on a strong architectural concept. Whilst it was not built in an urban context, the design was meant to encourage meetings and discussions through a system of interior roads and patios. In a rural setting, this campus  largely faces in on itself today.

Today the project is about transforming this historically unique site into a contemporary exemplar and singular project drawing both on the remarkable surrounding landscape and on the strategic location. We need to upgrade the image of the university and explore the conditions needed to connect the site to its context. The renovation project will make the site into a destination, a unifying living space which will progressively become more dense and mutate over time. The important question here is how to make sure that the site still remains characterised by the surrounding landscape.

With clear main aims, a strategy for transformation needs to be established. We also need to interrogate the spatial, ecological, economical, social and cultural impact on the environment. The objective is to put in place a system to gradually develop a new, durable and innovative quality space with a local, regional and even national outreach.

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