Montpellier : University Campus

Campus 3.0
Generation y

Client :
Languedoc Roussillon Université

+ Les Eclaireurs

Montpellier / Languedoc Roussillon
Budget /13.5 M€
Surface area / 57 ha
Study / ongoing

Constructed outside the city centre in the 1960s, the Montpellier campus is an autonomous site and today forms an enclave in the city.

The child of modern architecture precepts, the campus was designed using a systematic grid with standardised buildings and simple volumes. The public spaces are generous but lack definition and are relatively worn down due to the notable impact of vehicular traffic. The project, based on the existing mature vegetation and its marked identity, aims to create more coherency in the public spaces and accompany mutations and new polarities in the years to come. One of the main aims of the project is to limit car traffic and promote soft transport at the heart of the campus.

BASE has made a commitment to create an exemplar and demonstrative project on this site by interrogating:

-The opening of the campus out to the city, working on new crossings and proposing mixed spaces.

-The stimulation of human interactions between the students (generation Y) and researchers through comfort and diversity of uses, proposing comfortable furniture and new exterior uses improving the quality of collective spaces.

-The creation of fluid and flexible spaces, reconsidering the role of transport

-The mutability of the campus and options for future occupation of the site

-The capacity of the campus to become an experimental and demonstrative site.

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