Cognac : Hennessy

Industrial campus
Project management
Landscape integration
Territorial building

Client :
Hennessy / LVMH


Cognac / Charentes
Budget / 10 M€
Surface / 30 ha
Completed / 2013

When we consider the integration of a building in its environment, we always attempt to mark the architecture with elements from the landscape: the material of the facades, natural colours, similar volumes etc

Here, the scale of this future construction renders these traditional methods ludicrous. The building here is a quasi territorial construction and it is more effective to integrate the environment into the building rather than the reverse. In this vain, our territorial building design integrates and encompasses elements of the landscape: woodlands, grasslands and pools of water. They are constant recognisable and familiar reminders of the Cognac region.

In classic monumental architectural dispositives, an element of water is placed between the visitor and the castle, creating a reflection to make a statement. Here the message is different, the site is perceived almost exclusively from a vehicle and is above all a productive place. Therefore, the water will be used to highlight the area of production, but through a technical context. We propose a series of water bodies which accompany the principal pathways at the entrance to the site and which will neutralise pollution from vehicles on site  in an ecological and elegant way. The lorries (which mostly transport liquids) will cross a water body on arrival to the site, replaying the Cognac method in a territorial and landscape manner; ‘de l’eau à la bouteille.’

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