Chatenay Malabry : Pharmacy Faculty

Public space
Eco neighbourhood
Local park
Social mixing
Ecological management

Client :
SEM 92

+ UAPS + Arcadis

Chatenay-Malabry / Haut de Seine
Surface / 13 ha
Studies / 2013-14

The site is bordered to the west by the forest of Verrieres and to the south by the A86 highway.

The study puts forward a proposition to create an easily accessible business area. Divided by two large entities on both sides by the Jean Baptiste Clément boulevard, an office campus which declines into numerous mutualised spaces extending into the outside environment (meeting rooms, sports…)

The neighbourhood is structured around the Jean Baptiste Clément boulevard, which marks the extent of the area. It also includes the extensive ‘Tulip’ park to the East, which receives a lot of visitors, guaranteeing animation in the area outside of office hours and on the weekend.

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