Nanterre : Eco-campus Arboretum park

Eco campus
Reuse of materials
Water management
Wooden furniture
Innovative uses

Client :
BNP Real Estate + Woodeum

BASE (Team representative) + Berim
+ François Leclercq + Laisné Roussel + Hubert & Roy

Nanterre / Hauts de Seine
Budget / 12 M€
Surface area / 6 ha
Studies / 2016-2017
Completion / 2019

The site of the paper mill is an old industrial space closed in on itself. Today its role is mutating. The park offers an exterior space for innovation at the heart of a campus of tertiary industry offices.

The park is based on the natural dynamics of the territory and will become a complementary link between the axis of the Défense (a vast urban composition established by Le Nôtre in the 17th century) and the banks of the Seine with its string of islands.

Some historical traces are reused (concrete gantries, tanks, rails and pavers) and 4 different dynamics create natural, visual and ecological continuity which opens out onto the valley of the Seine river.

In the south west, a dense woodland edge reflects the vegetation of the Ile Fleurie opposite the project site. At the centre, the planted canal edge provides a peaceful and contemplative place to walk. Garden patios along this edge are composed of a flowering orchard, a preserved wilderness, a green amphitheatre and a vegetable garden. To the East, a succession of appropriable grassland reflecting the clearings in the Chemin de l’Ile park creates ‘rooms of light’ visible from the different surrounding buildings. Finally, the Allée de l’Arboretum acts like a central nerve bringing together the sub-spaces around a flexible esplanade on the east of the river. The wharf promotes outdoor activities and work in the open air.

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