Dax : Les Palombes Thermal baths

Enhanced forest
Reed garden
Landscape atmospheres
Water collection
Medicinal plants


+ 5+ + 1AA

Saint Paul les Dax
Surface area / 2 ha
Budget / 23 M€
Project start / 2018

The enhanced forest is a garden made up of 5 different landscape atmospheres. From the light forest to the dune forest to the autumnal forest, this garden allows people bathing to connect with nature after their treatment sessions.

Individual sensory elements are scattered throughout the garden in micro-clearings, creating a rich and multi-sensory experience. These small open spaces in the undergrowth allow the visitor to detach and relax after their daily treatment.

The reed garden functions both as open-air rainwater drainage and a landscape feature, integrating and enhancing the presence of water in its various states. Rainwater harvesting at the edges creates a rich and diverse wetland edge landscape which can be seen from the thermal baths. Well-being also involves exploring the plant kingdom through the multiple therapeutic properties of medicinal plants.

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