JURA ALSACIEN : Territorial workshops

Tourist positioning
Natural resources

Client :
DREAL Franche-Comté /
Min. de l’écologie et du dd

BASE paysagistes
+ RiO architectes-urbanistes mandataires + CSD environnement + Attitudes Urbaines programmation

Jura alsacien
174 km2, Territoire du Sundgau

Sundgau, in the Alsatian Jura, is a lush green region on the border with Switzerland, near Basel.

Ferrette and Vieux-Ferrette constitute the administrative center of the canton. The study was able to bring out a strategic vision of the region’s long-term development in relation to Basel. The main problem raised by the meetings with the stakeholders (carried out during the study) was that the territory suffered from its location on the fringes of dynamic spaces. How can this be transformed into an opportunity to reconquer abandoned town centers, control the peri-urban expansion, and rehabilitate abandoned structures (in particular the disused military barracks)? Land management is at the heart of this issue: a mobility scheme, a large-scale implementation scheme, a land tenure strategy and a policy for controlling housing in mountain environments are the themes (or targets) that were developed spatially but also through maps intended for communities and drawn up with the State.

This evolving document includes for each target a diagnosis, the issues, identification of the stakeholders concerned, a proposal for program and application methods.

A second part of the study recommended building on the region’s natural and ecological tourism potential in order to develop visitor discovery routes around the region.

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