MEUDON : Pointe de Trivaux

Public space
Squares & forecourts

Client :
Ville de Meudon

+ François Leclercq + Marc Mimram + Nexity + OGIC

Meudon / France
Budget / 6,5 M€
Surface / 6 ha

The Pointe de Trivaux is a unique urban landscape; it is readable and pure yet can still be perceived by a pedestrian on all kinds of scales.

At the same time readable, pure, and offering all kinds of scales of perception for the pedestrian, the Pointe de Trivaux is a place with a unique urban landscape.

Our initial intention was to offer the maximum of intergenerational uses to create and enhance neighbourhood life. We concentrated most on making future occupants of the neighbourhood feel at home beyond their home, that is to say in the street.

We therefore sought to diversify the living spaces, by offering several types of public spaces.

The project is made up of 5 major entities: the square, the sports square, the urban promenades, the pedestrian crossings and the building blocks.

The entire neighbourhood of Meudon-la-Forêt has undergone much transformation over the course of time. The southern area and the Pointe de Trivaux needs to be clarified. It offers an opportunity for major urban change in the city of Meudon. Therefore, we are asking several questions.

How best to integrate the project into the Meudon territory, on both a large and small scale? How to create urban continuity between the project and the Pointe de Trivaux district?

And finally, how to interpret the work of Fernand Pouillon and succeed in providing a legible, clear and sober urban landscape, in tune with our modern times.

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