HANOÏ : University campus

Green and blue networks
Landscape plan
Leisure space
Tropical garden

Client :
République du Vietnam
Ministère de l’Éducation

BASE + Architecture Studio
+ VHA + Ingerop

Hanoï / Vietnam
Surface/ 65 ha
Date / ongoing

The site is a complex network of deep valleys prone to flooding, articulated by slender ridges vulnerable to erosion. Whilst this makes the site a spectacular for an urban project, it also poses a formidable challenge.

In the absence of a restoration plan or program to protect the site, the area will be heavily eroded during the monsoon rain period. One of the design objectives for the campus is to vegetalise the project zone to reestablish the indigenous ecology but also as an erosion prevention strategy.

The approach to the landscape of the campus is based on the observation of natural systems of the region. The objective is to integrate the natural and environmental systems with the cultural heritage, and the indigenous construction techniques and the demand for program. Communities of indigenous plants with different seasonal colours and perfumes provide interest, intensifying the characteristics of the microclimate and connecting the students, the teaching body and the visitors together through the campus.

The composition is original – a miniature of the Red river zone; a shady wetland, an esplanade covered in sunlight, an open panorama and a private garden.

The campus will be extended through the accumulation of successive parts over a period of time. Once more we return to the idea of a landscape of islands where the water level determines the use and the form of the landscape.

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