CLICHY s/ BOIS : Bas Clichy

Large urban project
Urban and landscape planning
Housing estates
Public space

Client :
EPF Île-de-France

BASE – Team representative
+ Lambert-Lénack
+ Transitec + Atelier 68

Clichy s/ Bois / Seine-St-Denis
Surface / 80 ha
Date / 2016-2018

The district of “Bas-Clichy” has around 10,000 inhabitants, 4,000 housing units, over 90% of which are under joint ownership schemes.

In addition to the significantly deteriorated condition of the residential buildings, there are serious urban and social difficulties (debt, corrupt landlords, poverty, etc.) Faced with this urgent situation and the ineffectiveness of the recovery and prevention plans implemented (safeguarding plans, housing improvement programs), the State decreed in 2015 the creation of the first ORCOD IN (Requalification of degraded co-properties of National Interest) for the Bas Clichy district and launched, through the EPFIF (Establishment for Public Land in Île-de-France), the implementation of an ambitious social and urban project to restore suitable living conditions for the residents, transforming it into a pleasant living environment attractive to new residents.

BASE, assistant mandatory agent for the Bas-Clichy development project, is carrying out this important study in collaboration with all the players concerned: EPFIF, the city, state services, the region, etc. BASE offers precise and pragmatic solutions to complex questions, such as parking, how to enhance the green network and ecological corridors or the difficult issue of how to manage the public space at the foot of the buildings. It is about defining an urban, lively, open, organic and dense landscape, with, first and foremost, public spaces that are identifiable and valuable for the new neighbourhood.

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