Bron : Urban renewal of the Raby site

Public spaces
Urban renewal
New neighbourhoods
Urban park

Client :
Opac du Rhône aménageur + Nexity + Icade + Sier promoteurs

+ Agence Dumétier Design architectes urbanistes
+ Tribu BET environnement

Surface / 5,5 ha
Budget / 14 M€
Study / ongoing

The urban site is relatively isolated notably by the Boulevard Bonnevay which is 700 metres long.

In order to provide a protective sound barrier for the new development, the project design involves incorporating a gradual opening up of the site towards the road infrastructure which will eventually take on a more urban character in the future. Three distinct plateaus create distinct entities, making the topography particularly legible. Two main neighbourhood identities can be identified: an area with a more mineral character on the lower level, and an area with a more vegetal character on the higher level; together these areas make up a surface of 16 ha.

The two neighbourhoods are joined together by a 1 hectare park designed on a metropolitan scale on the slopes and central plateau. High up, it is a valuable space which overlooks a complex urban fabric; the municipality of Bron and its industries, heterogeneous housing typologies arranged side by side, a ring road teeming with cars and further in the distance, the wider landscape; a view of the whole city, the mountains around Lyon and the Pilat hills. The project is about developing a composition that articulates the various surrounding composite fabrics.

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