LESQUIN : Aeropark

Business park
Urban connections
River landscape
Soft transport

Client :
CCI Grand Lille

+ Franck Boutté consultants
+ Transitec + Katalyse
+ Ville Ouverte + ON
+ TPF-Ingénierie

Lille / Hauts-de-France
Budget / 9 M€
Surface / 40 ha
Completed / 2025
Phase / ESQ

The Lil ‘Aeropark business park is based on the precepts of Jeremy Rifkin’s 3rd Industrial Revolution.

A far cry from the development of traditional peri-urban activity zones, this development is a true landscape with a strong image; a large circular park. Inside the circle, soft mobility is predominant; with innovative companies accessible by tram, foot or shuttle bus. Outside the circle are organised activity and logistical buildings.

The landscaped park is designed in the image of an English-style park, with flexible paths which cross through various open spaces and woodlands. Paths which reflect the old agricultural plot lines cut through a succession of pasture meadows, maintaining a large visual opening on either side of the park. Dense woodland at the entrances to the site creates shade, characterising the space whilst also protecting it from the road.

During the week, this is a landscape where people can lunch, walk or play sport. On the weekend, the park can accommodate many different recreational practices, offering breathing space for the residents of Lesquin. The park also treats run off water through natural infiltration processes through the long circular ditches around the park.

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