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Our objective is to redefine a living urban landscape into a space that is dense yet open. A place where valuable public spaces which create social cohesion are part of the city’s identity.

Being located at the edge of a city, it is important that projects in the suburbs are inscribed in the centre of the area. Key challenges on these projects are eliminating poverty, making the residential area more attractive and incorporating a diversity of uses.  We address this by creating a landscape grid at the heart of the area in which we can design public spaces with multiple and diverse activities on offer, or even by installing sport trails and sport fields.

Roche-Sur-Yon : Vigne aux Roses Neighbourhood


Bordeaux : Grand Parc neighbourhood

Lormont : Génicart Square

Paris Clichy Batignolles : O6b

Chalon-sur-Saône : Saint Jean Meadows

Pau : Landscape development of the Zaragoza neighbourhood

Les Mureaux : Molière Park

Bordeaux : Aubiers-Cracovie

Saint-Étienne : West Stéphanois Urban Project

Bron : Urban renewal of the Raby site

Clichy S/ Bois : Bas Clichy