Bordeaux : Aubiers-Cracovie

Public space
Urban project
Urban regeneration
Landscaped corridors
Residential district
Reactivation of neighbourhood life

Client :
Ville de Bordeaux

+ François Leclercq urbanistes
+ Ingetec

Bordeaux / Gironde
Surface / 220 ha
Study / 2013

The Aubiers district, which was built in the early 1970s, was originally an area of the town isolated from the dense urban fabric of the city center.

Today, the Aubiers-Krakow sector is located at the edge of the city. A new tramway has been commissioned on the Allées de Boutaut whilst new projects are being grafted around the district including the developments of Ravezies, Bassins à flot and Berge du Lac. On a smaller scale, the Aubiers-Cracovie sector is located within the sustainable development arc of the “Bordeaux 2030” urban project, which aims to promote sustainable urban development.

This neighbourhood (made up of large buildings and towers of up to 18 floors) is divided into two entities on either side of the Avenue de Laroque; to the south is the ‘résidence des Aubiers’ and to the north is the ‘residence du lac.’ The project aims to establish clear links between the relatively fragmented green spaces, create visual and ecological continuity, and reinforce pathways and uses around the neighbourhood.

To the south of the district, a large meadow has been preserved and reinforced; it will become the foundation of a custom-designed playground: “the Observatory” as well as a convivial space and a picnic area: “la Guinguette” . The ‘cours des Aubiers,’ currently cut off, is redeveloped and replanted, with a range of simple, custom-designed wooden furniture. To the north, the Résidence du Lac has also been redeveloped to accommodate a new landscaped car park, nearby squares and a custom-designed play area: “le Panier”.

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