Condom : The Allées de Gaulle

Project management

Client :
Ville de Condom

+ AC2I

Condom / Gers
Budget / 5 M€
Surface area / 1,7 ha
Study / 2017-2018
Completion / 2020

The spirit of the promenade is found today in historical traces; the stone bedrock (the walls) and a double alignment of trees.

To create continuity with the history of the site in both the short and long term of the project, we envisaged the restoration of walls and stairs on site as well as the conservation and renewal of the existing woodland. The promenade is a central pathway with a parvis and two squares. It marks the route of the chemin de St Jacques de Compostelle. It punctuates different locations, viewpoints and crossings. At the centre of this alleyway the path dilates, transforming into the Place des Fêtes.

Stimulating renewal of uses

The project provides comfort, modernity and a selection of new experiences. Most of all it’s about the transformation from car park to park, freeing up the promenades and reorganising parking on the scale of the neighbourhood whilst still keeping some parking spaces available nearby.

Establishing a clear and evolving project 

This project is about both the short and the long term; the spaces are made to be adaptable. Our project is intended to progressively change people’s habits. Along the promenade, parking is organised in two ‘pockets’ opposite the public facilities. Whilst these  two car parks are under construction, parking will be provided along the road.

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