Les Mureaux : Molière Park

Public space

Client :
Mairie des Mureaux

+ Bruit du Frigo

Les Mureaux / Yvelines
Budget / 107 500 €
Study / 2016

With 30% under the age of 18, the population of Les Mureaux is very young. For many years, the neighbourhood has pursued an active sports policy aimed at this age group, particularly at young people from the suburbs.

We were assigned the task to create play and sports areas to accompany the Urban Molière Park. In order to grasp an understanding of the area, we first made an analysis of the existing recreational and sports facilities on offer and learnt more about the Parc Molière which was under construction at the time. Deciphering and analysing the context and identifying key areas allowed us to design an appropriate inclusive scheme and to develop consultation tools. The main focus was on the creation and organisation of the ‘Murolympic’ Games.

In keeping with this event, more targeted workshops with specific themes took place in order to refine the program for the Molière Park. A technical program for each play area was developed using a participatory approach looking at usage, operation, development and regulations. This gave the project management team a new starting point for the design of the various spaces; making places of social cohesion in the city for education or culture, giving everyone the opportunity to access and use a concerted public space, regardless of gender, age, and social class.

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