Bordeaux : Grand Parc neighbourhood

Pre-operational urban study
Guide plan
Landscape architect assignment
Urban planning
Housing development

Client :
Ville de Bordeaux

BASE (Team representative)

Study total budget / 800 k€
Surface area / 60 ha
Guide plan / 2012-2014
AMO / 2014-2020

The “Grand Parc” district, a large housing development built in the 1960s, currently accommodates 9,000 people in 4,000 homes. With the ongoing and proposed renovation works, the population could reach 15,000 inhabitants in future.

The Grand Parc district could potentially be a both a destination and a living space. The strategy of the guide plan aims to make the neighbourhood an attractive place in the heart of the Bordeaux region. The plan is founded on the existing character of the site: the arboreal heritage, the vast swathes of landscape and the numerous cultural, sporting and commercial facilities. There are four main approaches here (to quote the mayor):

  • To better connect the neighbourhood with its immediate environment
  • To give back green space to the residents so that they can become real places to live
  • To develop two neighbourhood squares
  • To improve roads and soft links (cycle and pedestrian)

The central park is currently in a fragmented and neglected state but could potentially cover a surface of almost 10 ha. The normal orthogonal grid that underlies the layout of the large residential buildings also influences the future landscape matrix of the park. Existing uses and equipment are enhanced by organising these facilities in strips according to program.  

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