Lormont : Neighbourhood & Génicart square

Making neighbourhoods better places to live
Renovation of public spaces
Childrens play
Sports equipment
Neighbourhood square


Budget / 19 M€
Surface area / 7 ha
Completion / 2014

Located in Lormont, on the right bank of Bordeaux, the Génicart square is located in the middle of a large housing estate which dates from the 1960s.

Alongside the refurbishment of the buildings, new green spaces, sports equipment and circulation networks are established around this new convivial space. The square and its surroundings have completely transformed the neighbourhood, which has become an entirely pedestrianised contemporary space. Parking has been reconfigured and roads have been transformed into meeting areas or pedestrian routes thanks to the reuse of the car park buried under the square.

Redesign, upgrade and re-establishment of planting at the base of the buildings improves access. The vis-à-vis is managed with a new planting strategy with residential units set back from the roads and public paths. In the center of the neighbourhood between the three remaining towers, there is a new esplanade; Place Gernicart.

This composition is unprecedented. The initial plan for the square was to plant trees and create a space to relax. Now with its unique 4m high belvedere, the residents have a terrace which overlooks the neighborhood. From here they have a full view of theHeadquarters“.

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