Tomblaines : Bois-la-Dame Development Area

Concerted development area (ZAC)
Urban planning & public space project management
Residential neighbourhood
Urban connections

Client :
Communauté urbaine
du Grand Nancy + SOLOREM

BASE (Team representative)
+ RIO + Artelia

Tomblaines / Meurthe-et-Moselle
Total cost (8 ans) / 12 M€
Surface area / 55 ha
Completion / 2024

Covering an area of ​​60 hectares, this new predominantly residential neighbourhood is aimed largely at local families. Several different types of housing are on offer, ranging from detached houses to apartment buildings, as well as townhouses.

Rather than organising the project according to zones of blocks, we proposed to begin by designing the streetscape, creating a system of coherent, distinct and homogeneous atmospheres, and logical vis-à-vis between alike buildings. The 5 metre wide relatively narrow alleyways lead to individual houses. The 10 metre wide streets are planted irregularly and serve the townhouses. Collective housing is built on 15 metre wide avenues which are planted in rows.

This organisation of avenues, streets and alleys divides and structures the district in a simple and clear manner. Completing the design, there is a brand new entrance to the neighbourhood with facilities, shops and a professional sector arranged in staggered rows.

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