Nanterre : Guilleraies Development Area

Urban study
Industrial land in mutation
Urban connections
Light transport
River landscape

Client :
Commune de Nanterre / SEMNA

+ TVK architectes urbanistes + Alphaville urbanistes programmistes + Ingerop

Nanterre / Hauts-de-Seine
Surface area / 130 ha
Date / 2014
Honorary studies / 10 600 €

This concerted development area (ZAC) project is thought out to accompany the mutation of the parcels of land. It is based on several founding principles; the creation of landscape links through the city centre and the Seine, the development of landscaped autonomous cycle routes, the complete restructuring of existing roads and the creation of a harbour ‘walkway.’

The landscape project is made feasible thanks to the alluvial nature of the Seine which infiltrates the site. Two landscape patches make up the urban development zone: the urban patch nearer to the centre and the alluvial patch by the Seine. One main axis linking Nanterre to the Seine reconfigures the site, linking up soft transport networks and dealing with irrigation.

The project is based on the existing landscape structure; it is a landscape in transformation. With issues of pollution and various networks on site, the landscape project is a form of acupuncture; planting on the surface and using subjective elements.

Two landscape structures take shape and help irrigate the site. Firstly, the top of the existing axis needs to be redefined in order to make the urban environment more accessible. Value and landscape identity are also developed beyond the central axis with soft transport links being developed. The repurposing of the old railway tracks into paths highlights the history of the site. From the early phases of the project, irrigation is taken into account. The soft transport links will be established progressively; beginning with a simple grass cover treatment until it they can be developed into a veritable network.

Base was entrusted with the project management of several roads situated in this urban development zone of 4 hectares.

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