Le Bouscat : Town centre

Project management
Active square
Urban activities
Play facilities
Local gardens

Client :

+ safège
+ les éclaireurs

Budget / 4.2 M€
Surface area / 3 ha
Studies / 2015-2016
Completion / 2018-2019

This new public space is part of a pre established masterplan. It is organised around a central square which is made up of a clearing, a focal point where flow and energy of the place is distributed.

From one side to another there are two playful bands which feature play and sports equipment surrounded by comfortable street furniture, linking the active ground floor of the buildings. The east-west metropolitan area brings together intensity of use and flow. Connected to the tramway station development – the project balances the flow of passengers from the tram with residents and people who may be out only for a stroll. This is a place for public life, a social place; somewhere to meet or wait as well as for daily activities. It is designed to accommodate the most rich and diverse program possible. It is there to provide comfort and diversion for everyone.

The morphology and finish of the buildings allows us to envisage different urban sequences; elements sometimes in the sun, sometimes in the shade. There are punctual locations which provide a place to pause in a more calm and intimate surrounding away from the bustling multimodal exchange. The pathways and alleyways are surrounded by vegetation. All the rainwater from the alleyways is collected and infiltrates through the tree pits.

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