Guadeloupe : Boulevard Marie Galante and the Canal du Raizet

Urban project management
Public space
Urban regeneration
River banks project

Client :
BASE paysagistes
+ Urbis urbanistes + Pile et Face architectes + Infraplus BET VRD

Budget paysage/ 7.5 M €
Surface / 3.7ha
Completed / 2015

In our initial reflections we considered materiality of human activity on this site as a key factor.

The regeneration of the Raizet neighbourhood in the town of Abymes involves the creation of new interactive social spaces through:

– the design of an open friendly square with catering facilities under a canopy. A live space, animated day and night.

– the design of a promenade along the banks of the Raizet canal.

An inspection of the canal edges revealed a lot of biodiversity. The project establishes a new identity for the canal which will first undergo remediation works, reinforcement and replantation. The restoration and the renaturation of the canal will be carried out by planting endemic species, adapted to the tropical river banks. A planted promenade punctuated with contemplative spaces, resting areas and small associative premises invites people to get closer to the canal.

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