Cergy : Main Axis

Urban park
Project management
Green amphitheatre
Concrete steps
Basin, banks and spawning
Pontoons and stage

Client :
Communauté d’agglomération
de Cergy-Pontoise

+ Dany Karavan sculpteur
+ SAFEGE Poissy

CERGY / Val-d’Oise
Budget / 5,3 M€
Surface / 6 ha
Completed / 2008

A semi urban work of land art initiated more than 20 years ago by Dany Karavan.

This artwork corresponds well with the key design pillars of traditional gardens of the Ile de France region, highlighting the hillsides of the Oise region. This project involved the creation of an amphitheatre seating 800 in the hillside of Cergy, overlooking two 6000 m2 architectural basins linked to the Oise.

A double row of pruned lime trees runs alongside the entire project, creating a landscape edge with the heavily wooded hillside of Cergy. A compensation planting project on the banks of the Oise creates a rich riparian landscape adapted to fish life.

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