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Eco neighbourhood
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Ecological corridor

Client :
Mairie de Massy

BASE -Team representative
+ Ingetec

Vilgénis / Essonne
Budget / 11,4 M€
Surface / 17 ha
Ongoing / phase PRO
Completed / 2024

The Vilgénis estate includes a large 30 ha landscaped park, a castle as well as several listed outbuildings and a set of Air France business buildings making up a total surface area of 60 ha.

Following the decision to relocate most of its activities, Air France considered the sale of more than 40 ha of this site. 17 ha of this has been allocated for the future Vilgénis district. The project establishes a continuity with the forest and the vast ecological corridor stretching along the Bièvre Valley. The design exploits the diversity of the forest, understanding and using its dynamics, qualities, characteristics, management methods and growth as a resource for the development of outdoor spaces.

The project management assignment initiated in 2016, followed a feasibility study conducted alongside the Leclerq agency in 2015, in partnership with various private operators. It amounted to nearly € 12M. The project includes a large square at the entrance to the neighbourhood, various different types of roads which serve also as meeting spaces, as well as a series of public places. These spaces promote uses and activities in relation to the site and the future buildings, encouraging aspects of nature, sport and play.

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