Boulogne : BA4

Living wall
Vegetalised roof
Artificial cliff
Mineral and vegetal landscape
Fauna and flora
Gradation in planting

Contractor :

+ 5+ + 1AA

Boulogne-Billancourt / Paris
surface / 5000 m²
completed / 2010

This ‘living facade’ is inspired by the flow of water. It is made up of a system of 30cm thick cast concrete panels held together by a metal structure, supported by the wall of the gymnasium.

Each panel is offset from its neighbour, creating horizontal channels where water, dust and pollen can accumulate, creating an environment conducive to plant growth. Vertical cracks between each panel allow rainwater from the roof to drain through the pockets of porous concrete underneath. Here, vegetation such as moss, ferns and lichens can grow.

In order to emphasise the terrace morphology of the building and to maintain the feeling of openness in the concerted development area, there is a gradation in the landscape on the roof. We move gradually from the hardscape of the schoolyard through the vegetable roof gardens and the wild orchard towards the densely planted trees by the Jules Guesde traverse. This ecological reserve is mostly inaccessible apart from a practical ‘floating’ footbridge. The children can move along a playful route (a path in the middle of the tall vegetation, past a view point and over a bridge connecting the two buildings) towards the vegetable gardens. Here, at 12m above ground level, the children can gain a global perception of the entire built environment.

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