Strasbourg : Wacken Europe

Project management
Public space
Urban development
New neighbourhood
Squares and public spaces

Client :
Communauté Urbaine
de Strasbourg

Grand Prix d’Aménagement 2016 How to build better on building plots in flood zones

+ EGA architectes

Strasbourg / Bas-Rhin
Budget / 3,5 M€
Completion / 2020

This new neighbourhood project fully exploits the existing qualities of the site: the unobstructed views towards the city center, the presence of European institutions, the Hôtel de Région, the nearby sports zone, the waterways, the Zeller square and the future Parc des Expositions.

This new neighbourhood creates a harmonious transition between the contrasting scales in the area; from the Parliament buildings to the pavilions of the Cité Untermach. Locating the buildings in the north of the site means that we can free up an attractive public space consolidated in the south of the site, enhancing existing facilities and future buildings. This public space reflects the traditional Strasbourg style of park, and also resonates with the more contemporary Parc de l’Orangerie. The ‘sidewalk’ accompanies both the Allée du Printemps and the Boulevard de Dresden. It is part of a fine, atypical mesh running through the neighbourhood, connecting the center of the former exhibition building and the forecourt of the European Parliament.

There is a richness in the wandering nature of the pathways. They are a place of exchange between pedestrians, bicycles, people playing sports or hobbies.

The term ‘sidewalk’ also refers to cross roads, routes which form a shortcut or that run parallel to the daily public space, offering diverse uses and encounters. The sidewalk is also largely made up of its edges, on which a series of architectural follies, urban or landscape events take place.

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