St-Nazaire – Sports Grounds

Phased urban and landscape project management
Planted promenade
Vegetated hills
Leisure activities
Free space
Wooden furniture

Client :
Mairie de Saint Nazaire

BASE – Team representative
+ Arcadis
+ Sport Initiative

Saint Nazaire / Loire Atlantique
Budget / 2 M€
Surface / 20 ha
Guide – Plan / 2015-2016
Project management / 2016-2020

Between the Cité Scolaire and the Park, La Plaine brings together buildings housing multidisciplinary sports facilities, a multipurpose area (the Saucer), approved grounds for licensed sport and administrative buildings.

This sports area, near the city center, attracts nearly 30,000 users and brings together nearly 140 sports and leisure organisations. The non equipped area of the project site represents an interstitial surface of more than 50% of the total surface of the site, making  up 10.9 ha. This space has significant potential. It is intended to become a freely appropriable public space on the Plain: it will accommodate free play, sports or leisure, picnic areas, but also functional spaces and parking areas on the edge of the site. The project also offers an opportunity to build a link with the great metropolitan green belt.


This ‘reconquest’ by the introduction of uses and routes is intrinsically underpinned by the reestablishment of soil permeability and fertility which supports the landscape framework and the development of vegetation and stormwater management.

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