Le Perreux-sur-Marne : Beach and banks of the Artois

Project management
Flood zone
Hydraulic management
Urban promenade

Client :
Ville du Perreux-sur-Marne

BASE – Team representative
+ Champalbert expertise, hydraulicien & génie végétal

Le Perreux-sur-Marne / 94
Budget / 2,5 M€
Surface area / 8 000 m2
Completion / 2011-13

The project site is located by the Bry bridge, along the Champagne bank, on the Artois quay opposite the Ile d’Amour.

Our project aims to encourage people to visit the banks of the Marne whilst also naturalising the profile of the river banks by removing the dry walls along the river. An engineered tiering system planted in rich vegetation significantly transforms the river banks allowing people to get up close to the river. The project links contemporary and sustainable ecological urban practices.

The concept is based on the pictorial tradition of woodland associated with the Marne river banks. The overall aim for the project is to modernise our relationship with the water, establishing a series of aquatic environments, observation posts and places to experience along the Marne; pontoons, cantilevered structures, benches…  Distinct locations mark out relaxation and meeting spaces.

Circulation along the banks is organised according to different speeds (pedestrian, cycle, vehicule) with a playful garden at the centre. The project required a delicate approach to boundaries, soils, planting and intersections. Further studies allowed us to also imagine a series of simple spatial apparatus.

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