Quimper :  Max Jacob Cultural Centre

Public garden
Project management
Programmed development

Client :
Ville de Quimper

BASE + Encore heureux
+ Berranger et Vincent architecte + BET ETCO

Budget / 4,65 M€
Surface / 1,2 ha
Completed / 2015

The traditional elements of the site are complemented by contemporary and convivial public spaces designed around the theatre building and in front of the new facilities.

Under the shade of the large existing trees there are clearings which offer space for different activities and functions. These can function as space for exterior meeting places and cultural events, but they can also be a place for the locals to use; a courtyard, a place to work, to pass through, to meet or to exchange. In front of the theatre, benches set back from the Boulevard provide a space to sit away from the vehicles. In the internal space, an oval plinth allows space to put up a marquee, to practice sport or dance or to rest. A playground for little children sits at the heart of lawn of the historic garden in the sun.

In front of the new building SON&MOUVEMENT, linear benches can be easily appropriated by musicians and visitors. The ground treated in stabilised sand offers a large space to play boules. In front of the reception and the restaurant there are modules of made to measure furniture for different age groups: small children, pre-adolescents, young table tennis players and couples. We find a fountain, ping pong tables, a play structure and a sports bench.

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