Bordeaux-Pessac : ZOO

Zoo park
Visitor experience

Client :
SEML Zoo de Bordeaux Pessac

+ Luc Planson architecte

Budget / 25 M€
Surface / 9 ha
Study / 2016

Situated on the Pessac commune, the site includes a zoo and 17 hectares of woodland.

This site is made up of different types of micro landscapes (thalwegs, oak forests, alleys of pines, clearings, humid/wet ecosystems, fern station..) that drive the large scale landscape direction of the project. The zoo is made up of 3 biomes (forest, wetland and open) where the animals are located according to their original natural habitat. Beyond any geographical border, a simple and legible landscape approach is emphasised here. The entrance to each of these biomes is marked by an immersive sensory ‘sluice gate,’ allowing the visitor to get a grasp of the landscape atmosphere on their approach.

Thanks to the preservation of the fringes around the site, to the conservation of the forest which offers breathing space at the heart of each biome and to the maintenance of the existing wetland zone, a balance is created between the programmed surface and natural free space, making the zoo into a real park. An animated vertebral column down the north south axis has a more urban character. It is a pivoting articulation point with different branches that lead to the different biomes; it distributes and structures the space. This framework guides the visitor through a diverse animated program of themed gardens, animal life, a playground and an amphitheatre.

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