Lyon : The Asian Forest at the Zoo de la Tête d’Or

Zoological park
Project management
Immersive environments

Client :
Ville de Lyon

+ Cap Vert

Budget / 2,8 M€
Surface / 3 200 m2
Ongoing study / 2017

In Lyon at the Tete d’Or Park, animals originating from Indo-burma will arrive.

This is one of the world wide hotspots of biodiversity most endangered by man today. The faune and flora of Indo-burma is being destroyed to make way for agricultural profit. These rich habitats with rare animal and vegetal species are fundamental to the balance of the planet and thus for the future of humanity. The visit to this biome will invite visitors to engage in the protection of nature and biodiversity. Our project offers the visitor an opportunity to discover and get involved; to take action rather than remaining simply a spectator.

A new set of parameters creates a different way to experience the site; testing, knowledge, personal progress, development of initiative through discovery and respect for the animals. The concept for the Asian Forest biome wis based on 5 strong notions of experience for the visitor and the animal: observation, interaction, sensation, pedagogy and fun. Here the visitor can explore Indo burma and its forests, sharing spectacular, playful and pleasurable experiences, developing their understanding of the elements at stake for biodiversity and conservation.

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